Other Services

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Our friendly team of licensed electricians have experience with residential and Industrial services. We are happy to provide a quote and confirm exactly what is needed for your job. 

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Data & Wi-Fi

Sixfam can assist with all your Wi-Fi needs. As devices develop, so does the need for a solid Wi-Fi connection. 

Reach out to the team, we can provide pricing and detailed breakdown of the correct solution. 

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Mobile Phones

Our experts can go over your current mobile solution and advise the best, most cost effective offering. Mobile Plans have come a long way in recent years. 

Let us look over your current solution to advise on possible savings. 

Fibre Internet

Fibre Internet can be the best way to get guaranteed internet speeds. We can offer a range of Telstra and NBN Enterprise Ethernet solutions. Fibre is designed to meet the needs of different sized businesses.