About Us

Who and What is Sixfam?

Sixfam is an experienced Telecommunications Service Provider established to help ease the frustrations of business owners in Australia. You simply don’t need to be a major Telco to provide Professional Telephone Services.

What difference can Sixfam make to your Business?

We are local and our people are in-house specialists that can fix your issues with phone systems and more, first time, every time.

Why should you engage with Sixfam?

If you are tired of dealing with overseas Call Centres that do not understand the necessities of your Business.

Put us to the test? No Contract Term. No Exit Fees.

Call us today for a free quotation!

How did we get started?

Formed by a collective of individuals with great experience and knowledge within the industry who understand customer frustrations.

Six Fam was born out of a desire to not only provide seamless telecommunications solutions but also to provide the support that you can rely on for these solutions.

The Sixfam Ethos

Sixfam was created because there are large issues with the telecommunications industry – for an industry that is built on communicating, all the big players are notoriously hard to get hold of!

They outsource their own communications to call centres where the troubleshooting advice usually consists of ‘have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?’

We are more than just solutions

Skip the queues, avoid the call centres and bypass long hold times to receive immediate access to an actual human, who is actually sitting in our Melbourne office, waiting for you to call and ask them for help.